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Statistics Canada administers the Agricultural Census every 5 years, and this paper presents unsuppressed data from the 2016 and 2021 Census. The data set encompasses detailed information on farm types, sizes, technology choices, and a demographic profile of farm operators from the 2021 Census. Data on farm characteristics and operator demographics is crucial for understanding innovation in agriculture and formulating evidence-based policies.

Data description

The data sets cover the two most recent agriculture censuses of 2016 and 2021, presenting data on the number of farmers by region, farm type, size, and the adoption of technologies. Additionally, a third data set lists the number of farm operators by age and sex. The census questionnaire inquires about using different technologies, varying the types across the two census periods. Notably, there is no data suppression in these data sets, and they cover all 10 provinces in Canada, excluding the three territories. Farm types are categorized based on the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), and farm size is measured in acres.

Easher, T. H.Enstroem, R., Griffin, T. W., Nilsson, T.  2024, Springer Link

Hydroponic Vegetable Farm
Bowling Lane

The pandemic-related social distancing protocols and resultant limitations in recreational activities raised additional barriers for children with disabilities participating in sports and social events. This study describes the effects of an adaptive recreational community bowling program on quality of life (QoL) and physical abilities in children with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thirty-four children participated at four different bowling locations. Pre- post-intervention data collected included the PedsQL: Parent Report Quality of Life and General Welwell-being scale for children, pinch strength test, grip strength test, trunk flexion test, and shoulder range of motion measure. Results showed significant improvements (p-value=0.01) in bilateral pinch strength and thoracolumbar range of motion. No differences were found in grip strength or shoulder range of motion. Significant improvements were found in QoL (p-value=0.01) primarily related to social and emotional factors. This suggests that adaptive community recreational bowling programs can have therapeutic effects on children with disabilities.

Traywick, L., Griffin, T. W., Curtis, D., and James, D.

Since May 10th, a new question has been getting economists thinking: How will the GPS outage associated with the geomagnetic solar storm affect US farm profitability during the 2024 cropping season? The answer, as usual, is that it depends, especially on who, what, where, and when.

The GPS outage occurred during planting season (when) for many crops across the heartland (where). In 2024, farm operations have become more reliant upon GPS technology (what) than at any other time in history. Some farm operations were more vulnerable to the GPS outage than others (who).

T.W. Griffin, farmdocDaily

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